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Membership Application

Junior Member Application

Joining the Milltown Rescue Squad

Volunteering as an Emergency Medical Technician and Paramedic is an excellent way to serve your community while gaining invaluable life-saving experience. Volunteer Emergency Medical Technicians in Milltown are known for their extraordinary clinical and driving skills, advanced training and consistent high-level of performance. EMTs perform many duties besides answering 911 calls.

Volunteering as an Emergency Medical Technician is mentally and physically demanding; you will be asked to intervene and provide exemplary service during the worst moments of people’s lives. Your training is very extensive but manageable if you have strong time management skills. There are a series of training courses which equate to 220 classroom hours to attain the status of Emergency Medical Technician-Basic; at this level of certification you may be charged with managing an entire ambulance crew. By the end of your initial training you will be proficient in CPR and how to handle cardiac as well as respiratory arrest, heart attacks, seizures, diabetic emergencies, respiratory problems, and other medical emergencies. You will also know how to manage traumatic injuries such as falls, fractures, lacerations, and burns. 

You will find that your training is intellectually stimulating and will compliment your professional work or education; in addition to the specialized skills acquired, you will become a leader among your peers and learn new management strategies. The possibilities for advancement in this position are unbounded. Following completion of EMT class, you will have a state wide license that allows you to practice Emergency Medical Services. Many people who start at EMTs go on to peruse other careers in healthcare, such as Nursing and Para-medicine. Others continue on public service paths at Firefighters or Police Officers. 


Squad members are divided into six duty nights, that rotates weekly. Each crew runs from 9:00 pm – 6:00 am on its assigned duty night. Members who live within the Borough of Milltown may respond from home but all others are required to stay at the Squad building during their duty shift. In addition, members are expected to ride 8 hours outside of their duty shift between the hours of 6:00 am – 9:00 pm.

Once you become an EMT, you may choose to ride during the daytime hours in lieu of a night crew. These responsibilities require you to ride 48 hours between the hours of 6:00 am – 6:00 pm over the course of a month. This is accomplished by riding twelve 4-hour blocks.

In the event you are not available for your duty shift, it is your responsibility to obtain coverage from another member of the same (or higher) certification. If you cannot find a cover, you must notify your crew chief in advance of your duty night. A no call/no show for a duty night is highly disruptive to the Squad, and may result in Squad discipline, up to and including the revocation of membership.

In addition, we hold meeting and training on Wednesday nights. You must attend at least one meeting and one training a month unless otherwise excused for an approved reason. These meetings and trainings are held at 7pm each Wednesday.

Finally, you will be required to participate in our yearly Fund Drive Campaign during the month of may. This requires participation of at least 40% of all time spend fundraising. This translates into about 10 hours of commitment during May. This will be explained more during your interview.


New members will be brought on for a six-month probation. Probationary members are on the path to become full, active members, and are required to run their crew’s assigned duty and attend meetings and trainings. You will also be required to learn the layout of the Ambulances and the basic operations of equipment. Once you show basic competency in these fields, you will be permitted to ride on calls. This training is conducted at your own pace, allowing you to learn under comfort and not pressure. After completing a six-month probationary period, probationary members are eligible to become be sponsored for EMT training.

If the squad chooses to sponsor you, you will be required to be an active member for at least two (2) years or be required to pay back to cost of training. You are free to attend an EMT course on your own expense at any time. You must become an EMT by the end of your second year of membership or face revocation of membership.


After completing the Membership Application, return them to the Rescue Squad. Please mail to the following:



PO BOX 308


You can also email them to [email protected] or simply drop them off at our Squad Building.

Once your application is received, you will be contacted to schedule an interview with our Investigating Committee. We will then confirm your references and send out forms for them to complete and return. References may not be family members but may be friends, co-workers, teacher or employers.

After you have passed the interview, you will be scheduled to take a CPR and First Aid course. This is provided at no cost if you still choose to join. Each class if 4 hours long and is taken over the course of two evenings.

During this time, you will also take the Physician’s Authorization Form to your primary care provider for evaluation and completion. This is done at your own expense. If you do not have a primary care provider, you can obtain a work physical at an Urgent Care Center. Please contact the one you would like to use for more information.

After all the above is completed, you will be brought on a six-month probation and contacted to schedule orientation. New members are brought on during the first weeks of January, April, July and October. Please keep this in mind when turning in your application. This process can take upwards of a month.

If you have any questions during the application process, do not be afraid to reach out. We will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Thank you again for your interest in the Milltown Rescue Squad! We look forward to receiving your application and speaking with you.

Sincerely yours,

The Investigating Committee of the Milltown Rescue Squad

Senior Membership

The Senior Membership is the general membership of the Milltown Rescue Squad. Senior Members are those who are 18+ year old when they join. Members must meet the following requirements:

  • Be able to ride Night Crew or Day Crew
  • Have no criminal record
  • Live within 1.5 miles of the station OR
  • Stay at the building when on duty.
  • Attend at least 50% of Meetings and Drills
  •  Become an EMT within 2 years of joining

Junior Membership

The Junior Membership is made of high school students who are at least 15 1/2 when they join. They must also meet the following requirements.

  • Serve a 6 Month Probation
  • Maintain a C Average or higher in school
  • Attend all Meetings and Drills
  • EMT Training is optional and encouraged
  • Ride 4 hours a month between 6a-9p
  • Attend all required trainings

Example Duty Schedule

New members with little or no experience are required to ride a night crew. Night crews are set up so that you are with the same members and you ride on a rotating schedule, once every sixth night. Please use the below sample calendar to show how this works.
13  DUTY



31  DUTY